Wow…  It’s been a while since I posted anything here…  Well, I’ve got a post that will be up in a couple of hours, but I wanted to post a couple of notes and observations on long gone stuff no one cares about anymore:

  • Did anyone watch that two-day “special” on ABC recently called Thin Ice?  It was a screwy ice skating competition designed to take advantage of the recent Olympics, and copy once again the Dancing With the Stars success.  Well, at least ABC hoped it would share that DWTS success.  They even went so far as to copy the judging format: like DWTS, Thin Ice featured a hot Asian with plenty of knowledge of the activity in question (Kristi Yamaguchi), an aging poof no one really cares about (Dick Button), and the out-of-their-skull foreigner (Katarina Witt).  They even had the kinda-cute yet mostly annoying co-host (Elisabeth Hasselbeck) paired with the trying-too-hard host (Kurt Browning).  SOmehow, I doubt this show will be back.
  • Formula One is back!  Woo!  This makes me almost as happy as the fact that Michael Schumacher has been out-raced by his younger team-mate both races so far.
  • Re-listening to the old NPR radio drama performances of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, and as good an adaptation as it is, it does make me laugh that to fill “dead air” during purely visual scenes from the film, added dialogue makes Luke whinier!
  • I don’t normally get into (poor choice of words) celebrity scandals or the like, but I have to say…  (A) His name is Jesse James.  That should be clue one that he’s not the most trustworthy.  (B) His second wife was a porn star.  Why are we surprised that he’s a bit freaky? (C) “Skittles Valentine?”  Please.

In the next couple of weeks (starting in a couple of hours), I will be posting entries on the gullibility of the average American, why Virginia’s governor needs some schoolin’, and what’s wrong with thie newest trend in food: Umami.  Thanks for coming back!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, as we gear up for Squirmese’s 4th birthday and the obligatory bash therein.  Let’s begin the cranium clearing, shall we?

  • Did we really need to have that much coverage given to the death of Michael Jackson?  While I agree he was influential to the worlds of Dance and Music…  It all seemed wildly excessive to me.
  • A friend of mine, John Milewski, is now blogging regularly over at the Huffington Post.  He mostly blogs about politics and world affairs, but if our in-person discussions are any indication, he’s got a good hockey rant coming soon…
  • I really cannot believe how idiotic Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosely are.  First, they are allowing Formula One racing to fall apart thanks to their egos.  Secondly, Ecclestone actually said to a reporter how much he believed that dictatorships are a good thing, and that Hitler “got things done.”  He also suggested that Mosely, whose dicatatorship over F1 is what’s causing the potential breakup, would be a good Prime Minister for England.  Really?   The same nitwit whose father was the head of the British Union of Fascists and a supporter of Hitler and Mussolini?
  • RIP, Mollie Sugden.
  • For that matter, RIP, Steve McNair.  Whatever exactly happened (and I doubt we’ll ever really know) the biggest tragedy is that his family (particularly his wife and four children) have to pick up the pieces in a national spotlight.
  • I just have to say that Gretchen Carlson from Fox & Friends is a real nitwit.  Of course, that means nothing has changed for her since her WRIC days in Richmond.  (Just ask her about Kevin McGraw…)
  • Finally (at least for these mini-notes), did y’all see the story about the Chinese man who held up traffic at a bridge in Guangzhou?  He was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge, and after several hours, a concerned citizen decided to help the man…  By pushing him off the bridge!  This kind of compassion is clearly why people from North Korea are fleeing into China!
  • More in the next two posts…

The 2009 Formula One season started today!

Woohoo!  Go BrawnGP!