Twitter is actually a pretty interesting application.  I have been “tweeting” for a while, and in addition to being able to post my migraine musings, I get to follow the posts of many people I like and respect.  Most of the folks I follow fall into one of three categories: ESPN football commentators, Chefs, and Comic Book creators.  (Oddly, most of the Comic Book creators I follow live in Oregon, making me wonder why it’s such a creative mecca.  If anything happens to Oregon, 80 percent of my comic reading will go away…)

One comic artist I follow in particular is Italian-turned-Southerner Francesco Francavilla.  Francesco uses his twitter feed to “meet” fans such as myself, but to also post links to new art.  Francesco is a brilliant artist and designer, but he also has a goofy sense of humor.  A sense of humor that I totally identify with.  For example, he and writer Paul Tobin came up with an idea for a squadron of attack ducks going after Batman, with Elmer Fudd as Robin.  If that ever gets made into a comic, I will buy several copies.

Want to see for yourself?  Here are links to Francesco’s sites:

If you read Detective Comics, you will soon be more familiar with Francesco’s work, as he has just been announced as the artist for the Commissioner Gordon monthly feature in Detective.  His creator owned action mystery book with Jeff Mariotte, Garrison, is wrapping up soon from DC/Wildstorm comics.

I have come to love Francesco’s work from both a purely artistic sense, and from a design point of view.  Covers done for various series have been so good that I have given up on titles I read just to buy comics with his covers!  He’ll post these wonderful images of classic pulp heroes or homages to classic films…  and then he’ll hit you with an idea for “what if Batman and Star Trek were combined?”  I responded to that idea with a sketch my wife helped dub “Loquackus of Beak,” a borgified duck. (If you’re nice, I’ll post it…)

Francesco is a great artist, a kind fellow, and ultimately responsible for my wanting to get back into cartooning.  At some point, as I recently told Francesco, I would really like to own a piece of his original art.  His reply to me – suggesting a particular character in duck form – triggered a really goofy idea which I had to put to paper.

So, if in the near future I do get back into cartooning and start up a regular posting of comic panels – don’t blame Canada.  Blame Italy.  (Prego!)

And Francesco, thanks for everything.  I still look forward to hoisting an ale with you some day.  In the meantime – enjoy the cartoon.

And so, I present to you, evidence of why sketchy art and bad puns shouldn’t mix…  I present…  THE TURDUCKINATOR!

"I'll be QUACK!"

Click (if you dare) to embiggen.

(By the way, one thing I realized during this exercise is that I really…  REALLY need a scanner.  And better pens.  And a real eraser…  And stock in Michael’s, apparently.)